Do This Repeatedly on Different Weekdays and This Will Lead You to Success

Do This Repeatedly on Different Weekdays and This Will Lead You to Success

If you act according to the nature and nature of the day, then your destiny will help you. There will be success in every work that is done. If everything you think is sustainable will succeed. If there is no result of the tasks, repeat the tasks according to the Purana, Muhurta texts, i.e. the day.

Know What to do on Which Day ?

Sunday :  This is considered as the time of Surya Dev ( Sun ). Innovation and government work should be done on this day. Gold ornaments and copper items should be traded. And metallic jewelry should be worn on that day.

Monday :  This day is very important for government employees to take up the position. Liquid materials like home opening, writing work and milk-ghee should be purchased. These days it is beneficial.

Tuesday :  On this day of Mars, controversial and judicial cases should be worked out. Doing the tasks of weapons, study, heroism and valor on this day can be a success. Medical work and operation on this day can be a success. All types of metals can be traded.

Wednesday :  on this day travel, mediation, brokerage, planning, etc. should be worked out. Work should be done for writing, stock market work, commercial transactions.

Thursday :  Jupiter Deity’s day should include travel, religious work, teaching and bank related activities.

Friday :  Friday is the home entrance, artistic work, bride-to-be. Venus is the lord of material happiness, so use the means to enjoy happiness on this day. It is beneficial to buy cosmetics, fragrances, clothing, jewelry, vehicles, etc.

Saturday :  Work should be done on building, technical work, home entrance, operation, etc. These days are a success for buying plastics, sticks, cement, oils, petrol and going to debate.

These are some astrology remedies which can be useful to you guys.

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