Gemstones Astrology- Defining Importance of Gemstones

Astrology is a vast field to explore. The wide and varied aspects of it make it look like an unending road, where one always has an option to explore more and explore ahead. One such significant dimension of which one must be aware of is ‘Gemstones Astrology’.

There are very few chances for one to be completely unaware of gemstones. They have been a part of almost everyone’s life in one or another way. They silently mark their presence at one or the other occasion, and that is possibly the only prominent source with which one relates to them. However, in case, where one is acquainted with the fundamental knowledge of astrology, there are all chances of him to be familiar with the astrological sign that these gemstones hold at their individual level.

To get more precise about it, astrology considers gemstones as the gift of nature and the gift of the supreme lord. Also, they are believed to be bestowed with certain divine powers. By gaining an access to them, one fundamentally gains an access to those divine powers, which in turn help a person in deriving certain benefits. The reason why different gemstones are recommended for attaining different results or for solving different problems is that they all are not the same in the aspect of their divine powers. Apart from the distinction which they hold n their physical properties, one other significant distinction is of these powers and their eventual impact.

Gemstones and Planetary Influence

Astrology also describes them to be associated with certain planets. On the grounds of that association, they are categorized into two categories of precious stones and semi-precious stones. Precious stones include diamonds, emeralds, ruby, and sapphires. Semi-precious stones include amethyst, aquamarine, agate, garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, opal, onyx, turquoise, tourmaline, topaz, and zircon. Out of this association, gemstones are believed to be enabled with abilities to make an influence on the way these planets influence their host out of their positioning. Therefore, in the case of a benefit positioning, the beneficial impact gets stimulated with stones, and in the case of a malefic positioning, ill-effects get nullified with stones.

According to astrology beliefs, the influence as created by different planetary positions and planetary combinations as formed in one’s horoscope is believed to be the most influential on one’s life. Therefore, getting it in favor can undoubtedly be stated as getting destiny in favor of life. One can more or less attain it with assistance from gemstones.


Ruling Planet             –                   Gemstone

1. Sun                               –                       Ruby

2. Moon                          –                       Natural Pearl

3. Mars                           –                       Red Coral

4. Mercury                     –                      Emerald

5. Jupiter                       –                      Yellow Sapphire

6. Venus                        –                      Diamond

7. Saturn                       –                       Blue Sapphire

8. Rahu                         –                       Hessonite

9. Ketu                          –                       Cat’s Eye

Suitability Factor and Deriving It

Though gemstones are considered to be comprised of divine powers and are thus considered as auspicious. But, astrology precisely mentions that all gemstones are not necessarily meant for everyone. In some cases, wearing them without any astrological consultation might even lead to adverse results. Therefore, one should always ensure the suitability of a particular stone for self before wearing it. It can be confirmed through an astrological consultation, as a part of which an expert astrologer on the basis of an assessment of your horoscope, Zodiac Sign, Nakshatra, and Lagna derives the best suitable stone accordingly. Another dimension of suitability involves consideration of the flawlessness of the stone, besides consideration of the shape, size, and cuts.

Besides this, astrology strongly focuses that one should wear a stone by strictly abiding by the astrologically prescribed process. As a part of it, it also involves an apt date and period of time when it should be performed.

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