How are Rahu and Ketu which are heavy on our constellation?

According to science, if you’re making predictions based on something called a connection between the two, your predictions are false—the sole reason being that this kind of connection does not exist. Let’s assume that astrology helps and is true. The astrologers make you believe that ‘the timing was bad.

As a result of the sea-churning, Dhanvantari presented an urn filled with nectar to the Devavadanavas. When there was a dispute, Lord Vishnu took the responsibility of distributing the Mohini-avatar equally and decided to give Amrit and demons water to the gods.

Unhappy with women’s beauty, Rahu understood this trick of Vishnu and drank the nectar while sitting in the pantheon of the gods. When Lord Vishnu came to know, he beheaded Rahu from the Sudarshan Chakra. Rahu’s head remained there, but the torso fell on the banks of the river Gautami. Since Rahu had consumed Sanjivani in the form of nectar, both his head and torso were alive. Concerned gods prayed to Lord Shiva for a way to destroy the head and the torso. Shiva ordered the destruction of Rahu, who created Goddess Chandika with the help of divine energy and yoga. Chandika could not harm Rahu’s torso, even Rai-Ratti. Then Brahma came to the battlefield. He blessed Rahu to join the Devganas. Rahu then reveals to Chandika the secret of her death. Chandika then tore the torso and drank the accumulated nectar itself. After this, Rahu’s head was established in the Navagrahas as Rahu and Torso Ketu. In astrology and astrology – these are known as Chhagragrahas.

Now know the mythological secrets of Rahu and Ketu scientifically. German scientist Alfred Wegner in his “continental flow theory rendering the ocean churning, is science-agreed. Wegner presented shocking facts about the order of the Earth’s origin. Wegner believes that all continents are millions of years ago in one place. But the object was called ‘Pengeya’ by Wegner. The water around it was called ‘Panthalassa.’ Our sages are called Penjia, the ‘nucleus’ of Narayana, and Panthalassa as ‘Ekarnava-water.’ – The sea, mountains, and folk were established in various forms and shapes in the universe after being displaced from the body.

The establishment of planetary constellations is also a byproduct of this process. In the Indian legends, Sun – Moon, and Rahu – Ketu is in planets, while science considers Rahu-Ketu to be the body. Rahu-Ketu is the shadow images of the Earth and Moon arising from the special position of Leo. The Moon is located at an angle of five degrees, i.e., tilt due to the presence of Leo zodiac in space. Therefore, allegedly, even after Rahu’s trunk was cut, Tak and torso nouns are not zero. At the lunar eclipse, assuming the round shape of the shadow covering the moon or the sun as Rahu-mund and the long shadow torso in the moon or on the earth, i.e., Ketu, gives a scientific confirmation of the mythological belief of these shadigras.

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