Should we believe in astrology?

Should we believe in astrology?

Well, in the era of internet the way every field has become global and accessible to every common man, be it diet, gym ,politics, cinema etc. astrology is no exception. It was very interesting to know, the way even astrology has acquired a considerable digital space from numerous videos to different articles. More importantly, it is not only a subject of interest for the old ones, but even the youngsters have attached themselves with these subjects.

I always wondered that in this era of science and logic, how does a youth who has job and relationship problems to sort out, is drawn towards such difficult studies. I am not here to give an opinion about these branches as even my intelligence has not reached to such a level to decode and understand these topics. But the inclination of youth towards it is something to analyze for.

Primarily I think that below mentioned would be the driving factors to it:

Curiosity: Well these would be probably the best and relieving reasons why our youth is drawn towards it.If it is purely out of curiosity, then it’s not a problem as questioning and exploring different subjects will develop a good sense of logic,language and knowledge. If the whole idea stems from curiosity (to know the cosmos, the working of human mind and universe), it is definitely a sign of intelligence. And intelligence always pays off.

Psychological backup : Stuck with different issues of life, astrology might be a good way of pointing fault at our planets. Well it might act as a psychological backup, say for example if an astrologer has advised to just wait and be patient for a good time period or dasha to kick in. This would work for those who have a strong belief in astrology. But these should not lead to inactivity or escapism from hard work and just be depended on something supernatural.

Desire for something more : Also for those whose general needs of education, earning, food & shelter are fulfilled but yet crave for something grand like worldwide fame or massive wealth will be drawn towards it. Any validation or possibility via any great yogas in birth chart could provide a good kick to their brain.

Well, whatever may be the reason, I am not for or against any of these subjects. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this topic. Astrology is one of the ancient fields, well researched and practiced worldwide to tell past, present and future of a native. It is a big promise which provides support and help to a person, who otherwise find himself alone during lean times of his life. Its accuracy has been a topic of debate, but time and again many people have come across saints, sages, genuine astrologers whose predictions strengthen that faith.

My final thoughts

As long as these interests are pursued out of curiosity and gathering knowledge, I personally feel that it is normal if it is not disturbing our ability to work and take logical- well thought out actions in our day to day life (for matters related to education, career or relationships.)

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