The Shrapit Dosha and its Effects In Astrology

Failure and success are seen even though this yogic person struggles a lot. Most people with this yoga are found to suffer from incurable diseases like cancer and heart disease.

In the first place in Kundali, yoga shows signs of life disturbance, depression, mental illness, wife-to-family disputes, disappointment in love, betrayal from partners, frequent changes in business, loss, evil thoughts, addiction, body weakness.

The Shrapit Dosha and its Effects In Astrology

In this yoga is found in the second place in Kundali, there will be incidents like the struggle for wealth, lousy speech, strife in the family, jail, no inheritance, unhappiness.

In this yoga is found in the third place in Kundali, there is often a change in the grief of the bridal party, the sorrow of the brothers, harassment of foreigners, fate.

In this yoga is found in fourth place in Kundali, the family gets the fruits of strife, the anxiety of the house, suffering from the mother, pain of the father, failure, lack of promotion, sudden loss of power.

In this, yoga is found in fifth place in the Kundali, success in education, harassment from the parents, madness in the family, not an achievement, withholding benefits, anxiety, or offspring from the children.

In this yoga is found in the sixth position in Kundali, it will result in annoyance from the enemies, scandal from the court office, excessive expenditure, lifetime pain from sudden disease.

In this yoga is found in the seventh position in the Kundali, a person’s marriage is dissatisfying and dissolves. There is no borrowing from partners. Partners create habits. Love comes in handy with nothing but failure.

In this yoga is found in eighth place in the horoscope, there are fights for the year, court-yoga, sometimes blows, jailbreaks.

In this yoga is found in the ninth position in the Kundali, there is no uplifting fortune. Goddess Lakshmi is worried forever.

In this yoga is found in tenth place in the Kundali, there is often a change in the job, and the mind does not get any job. Promotions stop. Defamation Yoga is created. The father suffers a prolonged illness, a failure in politics, or imprisonment.

In the yoga is found in the eleventh position in the Kundali, the boat will come to the shore and suddenly sink. There is no success in life. Relatives also act as an enemy. To income is run around. There is no crossing of concerns. Even the ritual is not complete; there is the danger of depression. A person with this yoga is depressed once in a lifetime.

If this yoga is found in Kundali in the 12th place, the proportion of the outgoing income is manifold, three joints and thirteen breaks occur, many suffer even in foreign countries, such a person may also come back from abroad, tired of unpleasant thoughts. The whirlwind turns. This yoga is also known as patriarchy. Someone in the family who has this yoga also looks like a lunatic.

The person with this yoga should respect and serve the devotees, etc., should never take the breath of the parents. The spirit of philanthropy reduces the impact of this yoga.

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