Try These Astrology Remedies For Children’s Health

Parents who want the best health of their child should try the remedies given for their child’s health.

  • As soon as a child is going to affected in any month of the first Tuesday in favor of Shukla, make an octagonal bracelet of the baby’s hand and place it at Hanumanji’s feet. Bookmark the left foot of Hanumanji on Saturday on the sindoor figures then read the Panchmukhi Shield ( Panchmukhi Kavach ) once, The Bajrang Arrow ( Bajrang Ban ) once, and the Hanuman Chalisa eleven times ( 11 times ). After that the bracelet is touched by the feet of Hanumanji. By doing this experiment, the child will always be free and healthy.

  • Make Baby Longevity : The names of evergreen sage-mahritis should be engraved in a silver lid on hand to make the baby long lasting.

  • Sleepy Grinds the teeth : If the baby grits his teeth at night, on the first Monday of any month, tie a four-pointed rudraksha in a red cord and tie it to the child’s throat. Trying this remedy will prevent the baby from gritting his teeth during sleep.

  • Get Rid Of Hiccups : If the child has constant hiccups, then the mother will break a piece of one’s clothing and soak it in water and keep it on the head of the child will get rid from the hiccups.

  • A Child’s Fear Prevention : A child may feel threatened in the dark or in the dark it would be scary. Afraid to walk alone anywhere or get panic then, in any interest party, on any given Tuesday, should submit a small booklet of ” Shri Hanuman Chalisa ” to Hanumanji at the feet of the child. Then take the sindoor from the left shoulder of the Hanuman idol and tilt the baby to the forehead and sit the baby on a red seat in front of their statue. Then read ” Shri Hanuman Chalisa ” eleven times ( 11 times ) from the booklet at Hanumanji’s feet or by placing the booklet in a copper shield and holding the baby in the neck. Doing so gradually eliminate the fear of the baby. Keeping a piece of alum under a pillow in case the child is very scared.

  • The Baby Is Urinating In His Sleep : Even if the baby is growing older, he still has to urinate in his sleep, take the clay from the unfrunished place and place it in a small silver container and bury it by baby’s hand under the cypress tree ( pipal ) ( ficus religiosa ). The experiment will stop the child from sleepy urine.

On Tuesday night, there are 2 rose incense lamps and 4 sandalwood candle sticks in front of Hanumanji Statue or photo. Reading Hanuman Chalisa. Early in the morning, collect the asparagus ash and collect it on the birch leaf and make a lapel and apply it gently around the baby’s navel. By doing so, the baby will gradually stop urinating in bed.

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